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Terry Eldridge, Artist and Business Coach helping an artist with her website.

Do you wish you could have online classes, reach a larger audience, and create some residual income for yourself? 

Are you afraid of the technology, how you will look on camera or not sure how to make your content look great?


If you are like most artists, you would rather be creating something artful and exciting instead of working on your business or learning about digital marketing.  But the reality is, for most of us, digital marketing and conducting business online, is a must if you want to have the income, freedom, and creative time you desire.

It doesn't have to be hard and you don't have to do it all yourself.  Taking one step at a time, knowing when to do something yourself and when to hire someone, and learning new ways of presenting your skills to the world, are all ways you can grow your online business and be happy doing it. 

Don't let the frustration or fear of technology or fear of being in front of a camera scare you.   You can do this and do it well on your own website, on your own terms.

I have helped artists, as well as other business owners, create plans for getting their work online, overcome their fears, keep them accountable and moving forward and help them understand which resources and support they need to farm out to others.  


Each artist's needs are unique and specific to them.  I believe Individual attention and accountability are critical to success.  Participating in groups is great and has many benefits including being part of a community and sharing ideas.  But honing in on your specific needs can only be accomplished if your support person is focused on you.


If you are considering teaching online, need help finding resources, or just need someone to help you stay on task and keep you moving forward, I would love to talk to you.  Just looking for resources?  Check out the Zenso Creative™ Artist Resources page, create a listing in our Directory or contact me about joining one of our peer to peer support groups, and get started on your own today.

If you are interested in creating online art classes or reaching more students for the classes you already have, I would love to help you.  Fill out the form below and I'll schedule a free 30 minute call with you and help get you started!


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